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If you are a medical professional and are unsure about any of these, contact our office and we can assist you in ensuring you and your facility are properly protected.
  • How is Insurance Purchased?
  • What Insurance Should One Have?
  • What is Medical Malpractice Insurance?
  • What is Covered by Medical Malpractice Insurance Policies?
  • Who is Covered?
  • Are there Exclusions?
  • What are Policy Limits?
  • What are Claims Made and Occurrence Policies?
  • What Else Do I Need to Know About Claims Made Policies?
  • Are There Other Considerations When Selecting An Insurer?
  • What Else Should I Consider?
  • What are Property & General Liability Policies?
  • What is Workers Compensation Coverage?
  • What is Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Coverage?

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